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-10% Melmoth

Twenty years ago Helen Franklin did something she cannot forgive herself for, and she has spent every day since barricading herself against its memory. But her sheltered life is about to change.

A strange manuscript has come into her possession. It is filled with testimonies from the darkest chapters of human history, which all record sightings of a tall, silent woman in black, with unblinking eyes and bleeding feet: Melmoth, the loneliest being in the world. Condemned to walk the Earth forever, she tries to beguile the guilty and lure them away for a lifetime wandering alongside her.

Everyone that Melmoth seeks out must make a choice: to live with what they've done, or be led into the darkness. Helen can't stop reading, or shake the feeling that someone is watching her. As her past finally catches up with her, she too must choose which path to take.

Exquisitely written, and gripping until the very last page, this is a masterpiece of moral complexity, asking us profound questions about mercy, redemption, and how to make the best of our conflicted world.

A short preview of the book is available through the publisher's website here.

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Melmoth by Sarah Perry is Book of the Week from 12th October to 25th October 2018.
Author Sarah Perry
ISBN 9781788160667
Format Paperback
Genre Fiction
Publication Year 2018
Publisher Serpent's Tail

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From the author of 'The Essex Serpent' comes a dazzlingly inventive and deeply moving novel that speaks urgently to our times.
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