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Extra! Extra! Read all about art

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 22/02/2018 0 Comment(s)



Did you know that we stock a wide range of ART MAGAZINES







Photography, design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration - choose your poison; we've got the magazine to match. Grab yourself an aesthetically pleasing, up-to-date window to the subject of your choice. We are all spending too much time on our phones. 



Blue Print (architecture/design/art)  €38.50


ArtReview €8.50


blow (fine art photography) €25


3x3 (illustration) €31


IdN (design annual) €21.50


The Arts Newspaper €10.95


Source (Photography) €10.25


Irish Arts Review €10


varoom (illustration) €15.40


Art Monthly €7.25


Ceramics Ireland €6


The Burlington €21.30


Apollo €8.95





Book of the Week #5





This week's book of the week is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari; a book that has now achieved near cult-status and which may evoke some mild existential anxiety. It's just as well the days are getting a little longer. This whirlwind account of our history as a species is a compelling page-turner. If, like me, you missed the initial Sapiens-hype then now's your chance; following the crowd is uncool anyway. 



“Homo sapiens rules the world because it is the only animal that can believe in things that exist purely in its own imagination, such as gods, states, money and human rights.

Starting from this provocative idea, Sapiens goes on to retell the history of our species from a completely fresh perspective. It explains that money is the most pluralistic system of mutual trust ever devised; that capitalism is the most successful religion ever invented; that the treatment of animals in modern agriculture is probably the worst crime in history; and that even though we are far more powerful than our ancient ancestors, we aren’t much happier.” -



Each week you'll find a new book of the week beside the till, alongside the previous week's title, both of which will be on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the spotlight. 



Last week's title was Days Without End by Sebastian Barry.



Don't forget!



OUR FLASH SALE. We have a table in the centre of the shop dedicated entirely to previous exhibition stock (Caravaggio, Vermeer, Burton), cushion, stationary and jewellery. Don't miss it.