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Need a gift? Look no FATHER!

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 14/06/2018 0 Comment(s)





Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17th so we've gathered some Irish-made cards and our favourite Dad-present ideas ever. 





Does your Dad like nature? Let's face it, he definitely does. World-renowned nature photographer Ingo Arndt also likes nature, and has documented how various animals and insects build their homes and design structures in Animal Architecture (€26.40).





Maybe your Dad would like to build his own dinosaur? I can't see any reason why not. Check out this Lazer-cut Triceratops 3D puzzle (€9.95). Rrraaaawwrrr.





As well as a massive selection of art-inspired silk ties, we also have a book about the many, many ways that you can tie them (€11.75). No YouTube tutorials for your dad. No siree bob.





Love Bill Murray? Well now everyday can be Ground Hog Day (heh) with this Rachel Corcoran print (€35).



Punxsutawny Phil.



What a little pet.





And if a Bill Murray print wasn't strange enough for you, please see above for the most obscure Father's Day gift of all time, a Rainbow Maker (€36.95)



Book of the week #19




A massive congratulations to Mike McCormack whose book Solar Bones won the Dublin Literary Prize 2018 this week. Set in Louisburg in Mayo - the author's hometown - Solar Bones is the story of Marcus Conway, the protagonist, who also happens to be dead. The entire book is a single sentence - a form befitting the subject: a man's life laid out before him, (slowly) flashing before his eyes. And in a happy coincidence the novel is perfectly in keeping with our blog because it deals with the theme of fatherhood. Stars aligning.



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Each week you'll find a new book of the week beside the till, alongside the previous week's title, both of which will be on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the spotlight. 



Last week's title was The Unfinished Palazzo; Life, love and art in Venice.



See you next week!