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Soap, storytime & rocking the system

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 12/07/2018 0 Comment(s)



We sell soap now. And not just any old soap. Soap that is Irish, natural and sustainable. Baressential soap to be specific. 


S.O.A.P. Soap.





Check out their Luxury Handmade Gift Boxes that come in small (€17.50) and large (€19.95) sizes. Each box contains 8 unique natural scented soaps which Baressential "pour, cut, bevel* and polish" by hand. The vibrant soaps are made with highest quality essential oils; they look beautiful, they smell beautiful and we absolutely love them.






        1. reduce (a square edge on an object) to a sloping edge



Always learning.





With scents such as Tangerine Neroli, Sunny Citrus and Jaslime Grapefruit, let us tell you from experience, it's really hard to not buy them.





**In case you missed it**



Storytime is taking place this Saturday - 14 July - in the gallery shop @11:30. The theme is fairytales, which sounds pretty magical.



You can find all the details you need right here







Book of the Week #23






This week's book of the week is an exciting one; Rocking the System, Fearless and Amazing Irish Women who Made History by Siobhán Parkinson. The book details some of the amazing Irish women who forced their way into the history books, and it happens to features one of our favourite artists; 20th-century pioneer of Modernism, Mainie Jellett.



"Mainie Jellett realised that the reason people did not appreciate her work was that they did not understand new movements in art. So she began to give public lectures and talks on the radio. She published articles promoting art and explaining Modernism."



*Praise hands*



Each week you'll find a new book of the week beside the till, alongside the previous week's title, both of which will be on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the spotlight. 



You can get your discounted copy of Rocking the System here



Last week's title was Outside the Lines




See you next week!