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We L.O.V.E. Irish Cards

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 25/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

L.O.V.E Irish Cards



Local designers


Original designs







*I couldn't think of an E



"What if they're all wrong ... and you're right" - LaineyK 




Animal Crackers by Dominique Beyens - Kelly Cards




Snipe and Leghorn Cockerel - Curlew Cottage Design



Yeah Baby Yeah - Bold Bunny





We love Irish cards so much that we have not 1, but 8, Irish card suppliers



Adelle Hickey - Prints of the designer's own traditional needlework. We have these gorgeous cards en route for Valentine's Day (stay tuned)


Clover Rua - a fantastic selection of Dublin scenes and Irish language cards. Go hiontach!


Kilcoe Studios - Uniquely packaged card packs with botanical or marine designs - a staff favourite


Glen Gallery - Card packs with traditional, ornate gold designs 


LaineyK (pictured above) - Creative and fun greeting cards with "love & laughter at the core"


Kelly Cards (pictured above) - Classic black and white cards with beautiful scenes of Irish life


Curlew Cottage Design (pictured above) - Digital prints of handmade linocuts. (We also stock these vibrant images as prints)


Bold Bunny (pictured above) - Cool, contemporary and eclectic greeting cards




Book of the Week #2





Looking to fall in love with Irish again? This book explores the origin, meaning and pronunciation of some of the unique words in the Irish language.* It's engaging, fun and the perfect way to reboot your interest in our formerly native tongue. Clearly we're not the only ones who enjoyed this book as author Darach Ó Séaghdha walked away with the award for Best Non-Fiction at the Bord Gáis Energy Book Awards 2017. 



*"An unbearable, grating sound (such as fingernails on a blackboard) is cíochnach"


Each week you'll find a new book of the week beside the till, alongside the previous week's title, both of which will be on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the hot seat. Happy reading!


Last week's title was Slow at Work by Aoife McElwain.




Competition Winners


Last week we asked you to guess what brand new merchandise had landed in the National Gallery shop. Despite our best efforts to obscure the answer in the cryptic picture below, everyone seemed to guess that the answer was, of course, TOTE BAGS! 







And the winners are:


Suzanne Waldron


Cathy O’Neill


Jo Ahern


Ana Marija Kojič


Sheelagh White