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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 05/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

 I like mine with a kiss an avant-garde artist of the 20th century. 



It doesn't really have the same ring to it, but you can see where we're going. We have some artist-inspired home utensils that we'd like to show you.




A pair of surreal Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo egg cups (€21.95). Get it?!


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You know what they say: reduce, rebel and recycle. We hear you!


Frida Kahlo travel mug (€15.95) 



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Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso Salt and Pepper shakers (€24.50).


Alliterative seasoning; what a time to be alive.



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Book of the Week #10






This week's book of the week is The Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington by Joanna Moorhead. This is a thrilling biography with a fantastic premise:


"In 2006 journalist Joanna Moorhead discovered that her father's cousin, Prim, who had disappeared many decades earlier, was now a famous artist in Mexico. Although rarely spoken of in her own family (regarded as a black sheep, a wild child; someone they were better off without) in the meantime Leonora Carrington had become a national treasure in Mexico, where she now lived, while her paintings are fetching ever-higher prices at auction today."



This book offers an exciting insight into the life of a free-spirited, unconventional and relatively unsung artist of the 20th century. We highly recommend it!



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Each week you'll find a new book of the week beside the till, alongside the previous week's title, both of which will be on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the spotlight. 



Last week's title was Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2 by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli.





Thanks for reading, see you next week!