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Draw with Don this Halloween

Posted by NationalGalleryShop 25/10/2018 0 Comment(s)




Our childhood dreams appear to be coming true because legendary artist, writer, TV and radio presenter, Don Conroy, is hosting a Draw with Don drawing session and book signing in our very own Gallery shop this Saturday, 27 October. 


*Internal screaming*



This free hour-long Halloween-themed drawing session will start at 11:30am. The event is suitable for children (/adults) aged 5+ and fancy dress is actively encouraged. Hope you're as excited as we are!



...*External screaming*


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In related news we currently have the shop looking very Halloween-y indeed. Check out some of our spooooooky decorations, ghoooooooulish masks and creeeeeepy BOOks. 





We love these sinister pumpkin candle holders (€2.50). Mwah ha ha haaaa.





As you can see we also have Halloween colour/sticker & activity books, as well as masks that you can paint yourself (although I think you'll really scare your friends if you leave them just as they are).





And lest we forget one of our favourite spine-tingling books Tangleweed and Brine"a collection of thirteen dark, feminist retellings of traditional fairytales that follow in the tradition of Angela Carter; stories from Cinderella to Rumpelstiltskin, tales of mermaids and monsters, are given a unique witchy makeover". Double, double toil and trouble, etc.






book of the halloweek #37






This week's book of the week is the appropriately halloweeeeeeen-y, What's That Monster?



"Are all monsters creepy? Would your monsters be funny or cute? Packed with fun games and 100+ reusable facial feature stickers, this interactive activity book sparks imagination and fosters children's curiosity." 



** Each week there is a new book of the week, as well as the previous week's title, both of which are on sale with 10% off for their fortnight in the spotlight**





last week's book of the week was All Through the Night





see you next week!