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Irish Art

Irish Art
Irish Art
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Roderic O'Conor and the Moderns

This catalogue was published to coincide with the Roderic O'Conor exhibition in the National Gallery in July 2018.

€19.95 Ex Tax: €19.95

1854-2004 The Story of the National Gallery of Ireland

Lavishly illustrated throughout, this is the most complete history of the National Gallery of Ireland published to date.

€49.95 Ex Tax: €49.95

50 Works of Irish Art You Need to Know

An overview of the history of art in Ireland through focusing on 50 of the most popular and inique works.

€19.95 Ex Tax: €19.95

A Reluctant Memoir - Signed by Robert Ballagh

A fiercely honest and unvarnished autobiography from Ireland's most successful and controversial living artist.

€28.00 Ex Tax: €28.00

Aloysius O'Kelly: Art, Nation, Empire

A biography on the life and work of Aloysius O'Kelly, including reproductions of his oil, watercolour and graphic work.

€40.00 Ex Tax: €40.00

Art in Ireland since 1910

An overview of recent Irish art movements and the political and social factors that shaped them.

€23.55 Ex Tax: €23.55

Creating History: Stories of Ireland in Art

Chronicling Irish history through art, this book accompanied an exhibition of the same name in 2016.

€24.95 Ex Tax: €24.95

Eileen Gray - The Private Painter

The first book to focus on Gray's work as a painter, it includes reproductions of her drawings, gouaches and photography.

€43.00 Ex Tax: €43.00

Frederick William Burton; For the Love of Art

A collection of essays on the life and work of Frederick William Burton to accompany an exhibition of the artist's work at the Nat

€15.95 Ex Tax: €15.95

Great Irish Lives

Discover the lives of the people that have shaped Ireland from the early nineteenth century to the present day.

€11.50 Ex Tax: €11.50

Harry Clarke: The Life and Work

An in-depth study of Harry Clarke and his work, both illustration and stained glass. High a quality reproductions throughout.

€40.00 Ex Tax: €40.00

Harry Clarke’s War: Illustrations for Ireland’s Memorial Records, 1914-1918

The first book to examine Harry Clarke’s engravings, of immense historical significance and beauty, for Ireland’s Memorial Records

€29.95 Ex Tax: €29.95

Harry Kernoff: The Little Genius

An in depth look at Harry Kernoff's contribution to the art world and to the visual record of Irish history.

€19.95 Ex Tax: €19.95

Hazel: A Life of Lady Lavery 1880-1935

This lavishly illustrated, richly documented life of Lady Lavery relates how one beautiful American woman reinvented herself as ‘a

€18.00 Ex Tax: €18.00

Hugh Lane: 1875-1915

The first full biography of the Irish art dealer and patron Hugh Lane since Lady Gregory's in 1920.

€20.00 Ex Tax: €20.00