Colourful cartoon drawings of various animals, vehicles and plants. The title is chalk style in red and orange at the top.

Drawing School

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Everyone loves to draw, and Drawing School is the ultimate guide for kids who want to learn to draw their favorite things. The easy-to-follow lessons show how to draw more than 250 animals and objects.

Love of art and drawing can start young in children. Nurture your child's connection to the blank page with Drawing School! This comprehensive art guide is designed to ensure that anyone can learn how to draw with the simple step-by-step projects! This art book begins with instructions for drawing basic shapes and an introduction to basic tools and materials, then jumps directly into drawing projects on a variety of subjects, from things found on the farm, under the sea, and in the garden to around the house, around town, and around the world.

Drawing School features more than 250 animals and objects for kids (or adults just finding their drawing legs) to practice drawing. Each subject is broken down into clear, easy-to-follow steps. Whether it's a big, yellow school bus, a giant elephant, or a friendly sea turtle, Drawing School shows kids how to draw their favorite things. Grab a pencil and get drawing!


Author & Illustrator: Nila Aye

Format: Paperback

Size: 22.1 x 28.45 cm, 272 pages

Publisher: Walter Foster Jr

ISBN: 9781633223790

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