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Life Drawing in 15 Minutes

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Good drawings aren’t always the ones that you’ve spent a lot of time on; some of the best pieces are swift, energetic studies that capture the feel of the subject in a few well-placed lines.

The human body is art's most enduring subject and the classical tradition of life drawing can teach you to appreciate and capture the human form in an entirely new and exciting way. Whether you want to join a life class, start your own or simply understand the practice in order to develop your drawing skills, Life Drawing in 15 Minutes gives you everything you need to know.

Life-drawing expert Jake Spicer guides you through a series of carefully crafted lessons that you can try at home or in the studio, covering everything from quick warm-up sketches to techniques you can use in long poses.


Author & Illustrator: Jake Spicer

Format: Paperback

Size: 17.4 x 22.4 cm, 128 pages

Publisher: Ilex

ISBN: 9781781576267

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