Electronic Sheep

Internationally-renowned designer label Electronic Sheep was established in 1998 by NCAD alumni Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany. The label’s unique, signature style comprises illustrative and typographic jacquards based on narrative storylines drawing on the designers’ personal lives and professional practices. 
Electronic Sheep scarves and garments are knitted using 100% certified shrink-resistant merino wool. It is spun and dyed in Italy. Both yarn and garments are made in safe and healthy working conditions. No harmful or irritant chemicals are used in the production of the yarn or garments.
The knitwear is created by Helen & Brenda in Dublin and London. It is manufactured by their longterm collaborator and producer in Greece. All the knitwear is ethically produced by this family business who Electronic Sheep have worked with for over 15 years. Quality over quantity, Electronic Sheep do not not over-produce and focus on limited editions and small runs of products. 

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