'Bella Vista - Portrait of Ludwina' Green Oversized Triangle Scarf by Electronic Sheep

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From Electronic Sheep's 'Enjoy Yourself' Collection:

"Designed with the backdrop of Covid 19 and all that has entailed it is a celebration of life and death... and all the lessons that we have learnt from it. In some ways it also commemorates 2020 and the unforgettable year that it has been so far, how it has made us all appreciate the important and simple things in life. 'Enjoy Yourself' is something that Helen's mother always said to us, even if we were just going to the shops. Each knit tells has its own unique story and is a stand alone piece of art."

'Bella Vista - Portrait of Ludwina' Scarf
"This is a portrait of designer Helen's Mother 'Eileen Ludwina Delany' who very sadly passed away in April. Eileen was very glamorous, fun and a big influence on us as designers. She is pictured sitting in 'the good room' with all of her collectables around her. Eileen was a window dresser in Clery's Dublin from the 50s-90s and her love of embellishment extended to her beautiful house which she called 'Bella Vista'. She travelled the world and had a really eclectic collection of ornaments that fascinated us when we were kids. It is a beautiful portrait of Eileen as a young woman, drawn from a picture she loved it epitomises her love of fashion, travel, fun and life itself."


100% Merino wool

Multi-Coloured (Green)

Approximately 185cm across x 70cm middle drop

Hand drawn imagery by Electronic Sheep

Ethically produced

Made in Europe (Greece)

Supersoft, breathable yarn

Hand wash



Internationally-renowned designer label Electronic Sheep was established in 1998 by NCAD alumni Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany. The label’s unique, signature style comprises illustrative and typographic jacquards based on narrative storylines drawing on the designers’ personal lives and professional practices.

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