A classical painting of a centaur leaning against a pillar talking to a nude man sitting playing a lyre. The title is in the bottom left corner in white.

James Barry 1741-1806: The Great Historical Painter

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Bringing into relief the singularity of Barry's unswerving commitment to his vision for history painting despite adverse cultural, political and commercial currents, these essays on Barry and his contemporaries offer new perspectives on the painter's life and career.

Including contributions from some of the best known experts in the field, this volume is an indispensable resource for scholars of eighteenth-century century painting, patronage, aesthetics, and political history.


Editors: William L. Pressly, Tom Dunne

Format: Hardback

Size: 23.5 x 50 cm, 224 pages

Publisher: Cork Crawford Art Gallery, Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780948037252

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