A grey toned painting with visible brush strokes of four men with long oars in a long narrow boat. The title is in the bottom right corner in white letters.

Charles Harper - Profile 7

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Charlie Harper's early experiences in the animation and advertising industries were the precursor to an artistic career that saw him return to formal art studies and develop his graphic skills.

In this book we read of the constant interplay in Harper's work between the subject and the content, his concerns with the visual dynamics of the work, his interest in the human condition, the recurring motif of the head and the grid pattern in his work, and his more recent, brief, but nonetheless hugely successful foray into landscape.

Part of the Profile series from Gandon Editions on contemporary Irish artists.


Author: Gerry Walker, Aidan Dunne

Editors: John O'Regan, Nicola Dearey

Format: Paperback

Size: 23 x 23 cm, 48 pages

Publisher: Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780946846115

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