An illustration of a peasant family outside the large gates of a big brick building. The title is above in cream and red.

Irish Famine Workhouse Diary

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This is the story of a family and how they survived the Irish Famine. Told through the eyes of 9 year old Declan, we see the failure of the potato crop in 1845 and the family’s attempts to survive on the land. After a second crop failure, the family is evicted and makes its way on foot to Dublin during the coldest winter in memory. Eventually, the family is forced to seek refuge in the workhouse and we experience the squalor of day to day life there for both the adults and children. Somehow the family survives and sets sail for a new life in America, leaving Declan in Dublin with his new apprenticeship.

Through flaps, pop-up and vivid illustrations, the reality of the Irish famine is brought to life for children.


Author: Pat Hegarty

Format: Hardback, Lift-the-flap

Size: 16.4 x 20.2 cm, 32 pages

Publisher: Gill Books

ISBN: 9780717149438

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