An illustration of a mother and child. The girl sits in a box thinking, with drawings and pictures around her. The mother is walking away holding a towel, looking at her phone. The title is in the middle in yellow, lower case letters.

Bí ag Spraoi Liom

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Tá Lúna ag iarraidh dul as taisteal le Mamaí in Meaisín Ama nua - ach tá Mamaí an-ghnóthach An féidir le Lúna í a mhealladh le páirt a ghlacadh sa sproai?

Lúna is a little inventor who loves playing with mammy, but mammy is always too busy to play. Then Lúna comes up with an idea! Will it work? Bí ag spraoi liom! is a story that reminds us to make time for the things that matter most in life!

A trailer and a selection of activity pages are available from Tarsila Krüse's website here.

Author: Sadhbh Devlin

Illustrator: Tarsila Krüse

Format: Paperback

Size: 23 x 26 cm, 32 pages

Publisher: Futa Fata

ISBN: 9781910945681

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