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Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts
Great gifts for the creative people in your life.
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A Colorful Life 10 Coloured Pencils

Live life in colour! 10 coloured pencils in an inspiring spectrum of hues.

€13.25 Ex Tax: €10.77

A Colorful Life Journal

Look. Create. Explore. Live in Colour. - A colourful notebook with beautiful watercolour illustrations and quotes.

€18.25 Ex Tax: €14.84

A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk New

A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk

Inspired by the Paul Klee quote, this unconventional drawing book encourages readers to think outside the box.

€11.75 Ex Tax: €11.75

Academy - 12 Skintone Pencils

These 12 pencils cover a range of skintones and are ideal for portraiture.

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.15

Alphonse Mucha Colouring Book

Line drawings of Mucha's work for you to colour. Follow the artist's palette or create your own unique masterpieces.

€13.25 Ex Tax: €13.25

Animation Studio

Create your own stop motion videos with this complete set, including, a fold out stage, press out props and a 32 page handbook.

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.04

Art Studio: Great Paintings to Colour In

46 world renowned masterpieces by popular artists to colour in, with tips on how to recapture each artists style.

€11.70 Ex Tax: €11.70

Artist Palette Decoration

A hand crafted Christmas decoration of an artist's palette.

€7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Colour Dublin

A beautiful colouring book of Dublin's buildings and their history from Gregory and Audrey Bracken.

€10.00 Ex Tax: €10.00

Cotman Water Colour Sketchers' Pocket Box

The perfect pocket size travel kit of Cotman watercolours from Winsor & Newton

€19.95 Ex Tax: €16.22

D is for Doodling New

D is for Doodling

Transform simple shapes into stunning artworks with decorative embellishments and patterning.

€9.55 Ex Tax: €9.55

Drawing & Painting Portraits in Watercolour

Invest your portraits with character with this guide to drawing and painting portraits in watercolour, pencil and charcoal.

€18.95 Ex Tax: €18.95


Draw outside the lines with this vibrant and innovative book for doodlers of all levels.

€11.70 Ex Tax: €9.51

Hokusai - A Life in Drawing

A beautifully illustrated introduction to Katsushika Hokusai for any love of Edo period Japanese art.

€29.35 Ex Tax: €29.35

Inked Up

Derwent Graphik Inked Up is the perfect set for those who want to take their doodling to the next level by using fine liners.

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.53