A navy cover with multiple rectangular boxes of different colours making up a square in the centre. The title is across the top in white capital letters.

Redrawing Dublin

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ReDrawing Dublin is a story of a city and its people, told through original graphics, photos and text. It is a celebration and affirmation of a city and the people who live there. It is design-driven to creatively inform and stimulate.

ReDrawing Dublin is about city-making. It draws possibilities, draws thinking and draws space. It is both a visual essay and an act of 'action urbanism'. This is an urban and suburban journey that walks the streets of Dublin, explores local neighbourhoods and maps the wider city metropolitan region. In this discussion and debate, ReDrawing Dublin unapologetically promotes real urbanism, celebrates diversity and champions city-living. The book has a passion for facts and honesty. The ability to see things afresh, to debunk your own as well as others' assumptions, to challenge previously strongly held notions is important in city-making

The book explores the city's urban psyche and identity, prods and probes suburban assumptions and urban prejudices. It challenges policy-makers and citizens to confront Dublin's urban contradictions, to see and tell it as it is, not as it is imagined or often believed to be. At its simplest, the book endeavours to paint an honest picture of a city. Envisioning and creative picturing is a simple and powerful tool. Delightful or provocative imagery has the capacity to stretch the imagination and broaden understanding. Visualisation also demystifies the language employed by architects and planners, a language often invoked to mystify or obscure a subject for others. Great ideas can usually be described or pictured simply. The reader doesn't have to know Dublin particularly well to enjoy this book. You don't even have to have visited the city. The story of ReDrawing Dublin is universal, its urban images everyday.


Author: Paul Kearns, Motti Ruimy

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780948037801