A painting of a murky sea with visible paint texture and brush strokes. The title is in the bottom right in thin white letters.

Mary Lohan - Profile 5

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Mary Lohan is known for her landscapes and seascapes. They are landscapes that are contained by the viewer rather than their location. In this book, we glean an insight into what the process of painting means to the artist, how certain landscapes have informed her work, her early training as an artist, and the gradual unfolding of her career. Her very particular use of paint, the increasing thickness of it, and the underlying contradictions that emerge from the combination of her technique and her subject matter are integral to her work.

Inspired and touched by Lohan’s work, Noel Sheridan devotes his essay here to a wonderful and strange place called the ‘land of paint’. He describes the journey to this fictitious land, and discovers there the rich surfaces, the radiant light, the absence of time, and the incidentality of scale.

Part of the Profile series from Gandon Editions on contemporary Irish artists.

Author: Noel Sheridan, Aidan Dunne

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780946641888