Liberty Moon A3 Print

Liberty Moon A3 Print

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Jando wear their love for Liberty Hall on their sleeves. It is without a doubt their favourite building in Dublin simply because there is nothing else quite like it in the city. Almost 200ft tall and boasting panoramic views of Dublin Jando argue that the top of Liberty Hall would make an ideal public observation deck. A perfect place to take in some breathtaking views and to watch the hustle and bustle of the city below. Just a thought.

Liberty Moon is a part of Jando's "Concrete Moon" collection. The series aims to reintroduce, recontextualize and reawaken our relationship with the so-called “architectural monstrosities” that blight the urban landscape.

Jando's award winning Liberty Moon print - Winner of the a Best Product Award at Showcase 2017 and shortlisted for Best New Product at NY Now 2018.

Size: A3 (29x42cm)