Wild Fowl Assorted Small

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Take your pick of one of these gorgeous little ducks, they are 16cm soft toys made by Living Nature.

Choose from either:

  • the elegant white duck, made using super soft white plush with a bright orange beak and feet

  • or the adorable brown duck, made using super soft plush with fluffy brown plush wings and yellow beak and feet

  • or last but not least the green headed duck, made using 2 different shades of soft brown plush and green plush, with bright yellow feet and beak.

Which duck will you pick?


  • Height 16cm

  • Tag includes educational animal facts

  • Suitable for all ages including from birth (0+ years)

  • Care instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

  • Please remove all tags and attachments before giving to a child

 Brand: Living Nature

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