A lit candle in a semi-opaque white jar with a grey illustration of an idealised farm with trees, sheep, a tractor and a setting sun in the background. The angle shows the yellow wax inside.

Brookfield Farm Hand Poured Beeswax Candle

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Brookfield Farm Irish beeswax candles are made using delicious botanical essential oil scents, pure Irish beeswax, and are hand poured on the farm.

Each candle provides aromatherapy and air purifying benefits completely naturally to your home as beeswax is known as a natural air purifier. Treat your senses to relaxing scents. The flame shows through the printed glass for a lovely flickering effect.

The farm's hives produce honey and wax harvested from specially sown 3 hectares of wildflower meadows, blackberries, tree blossoms and from organic clover meadows. 

  • Comes in a cotton bag

  • Standard size candle: 8 cm x 7cm 

  • Candles burn up to 30 hours 

  • Containing no paraffin wax for a clean burn


Designer: Brookfield Farm

Made in Ireland

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