Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

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Amazing stories of extraordinary Irish people.

From inspirational athlete Cora Staunton to world-famous novelist James Joyce, Antarctic explorer Tom Crean to renowned jellyfish expert Maude Delap, trade union activist Rosie Hackett to the greatest hat-maker in the world Philip Treacy, these are the stories of Irish people, famous and not-so-famous, who followed their dreams, fearlessly striving to be the very best they could be, to discover and explore, to help those in desperate need, or to test the limits of artistic expression.

Be inspired. Follow your own road. Dare to dream.

I didn't just give orders. I did things myself. I got things done.

Mary Elmes, who saved hundreds of children from the Nazis

I knew ... that I wanted to be a great athlete and no one, and no circumstance was going to deter me.

Ronnie Delany, Olympic gold medal winner

I believe that people should not try to model themselves on someone else. Be your own person.

Professor Susan McKenna-Lawlor, astrophysicist

When you're sixteen, you think you can take on the world. And sometimes you're right.

Bono, musician

Irish Book Awards 2019

TheJournal.ie Best Irish Published Book of the Year - 2019 - Short-listed

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