A painting of two brown dogs curled up sleeping on a bed. The title is split across the top and bottom in blue and yellow.

David Hockney's Dog Days

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David Hockney introduces his two dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie, in this delightful collection of 84 images. The result of sharp observation and affection, these paintings and drawings are lyrical studies in form and design. A short text by Hockney gives a glimpse of how to work with models who don't necessarily want to sit still.

From September 1993, I painted and drew my dogs. This took a certain amount of planning, since dogs are generally not interested in Art (I say generally only because I have now come across a singing dog). Food and love dominate their lives.

I make no apologies for the apparent subject matter. These two dear little creatures are my friends. They are intelligent, loving, comical and often bored. They watch me work; I notice the warm shapes they make together, their sadness and their delights. And, being Hollywood dogs, they somehow seem to know that a picture is being made.

- David Hockney


Author: David Hockney

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

ISBN: 9780500286272

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