A drawing of a boy in ancient style clothes running with a dog. The title is in yellow capitals on a blue background.

Fionn and the Fianna

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In the second book from Ronan Moore, we meet the teenage Fionn McCumhall who now leads the legendary Fianna warriors. Accompanied by his loyal Irish wolfhound Conbec and closest friends, Fionn and his band of warriors must survive a series of incredible adventures which culminate in an epic final battle.

Inspired by a collection of ancient Irish manuscripts, Fionn and the Fianna is the thrilling tale of Ireland’s most legendary hero – one that breathes life into well-known stories such as ‘The Giant’s Causeway’ and ‘The Enchanted Deer’ as well as introducing us to the magical, mystical world of the Fianna, all reimagined and beautifully illustrated to excite young readers.


Author: Ronan Moore

Illustrator: Alexandra Colombo

Format: Paperback

Size: 12.7 x 19.6 cm, 208 pages

Publisher: Gill Books

ISBN: 9780717191000

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