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Frankie's World

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Frankie is different from her peers but she's not sure why, so she sets off in search of her dad in the hope that he has the answers.

Frankie knows she's not like anyone else in her class: she's different, but she can't quite figure out why. Is it the new freckle on her nose, or the fact she's small for her age? Or that she has to go to the hospital sometimes? Everyone else seems to think she's weird too, and they make fun of her at school.

Frankie's dad left when she was a baby - maybe he was different too? It would explain why she always feels like an alien. So she and her best-friend Sam, embark on a mission to track him down.


Aoife Dooley is an Irish writer, award-winning illustrator, comedian and graphic designer. Aoife openly shares her experiences of being diagnosed as autistic at the age of 27, neurodiversity and how a diagnosis helped her to truly understand herself.


Author & Illustrator: Aoife Dooley

Format: Paperback

Size: 14.2 x 21 cm, 272 pages

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 9780702307355

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