A black cover with close ups of 4 highly detailed, colourful stain glass windows. The title is below in thin, white capitals.

Gazetteer Of Irish Stained Glass

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Some thirty years since its first publication, David Caron returns with an updated, redesigned, and greatly expanded edition of the Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass, the definitive guide to Irish stained glass from 1900 to the present day.

This is a practical and comprehensive guide, for glass aficionados and those new to the art form, that lists all of Ireland's significant stained-glass works, county by county, and the most noteworthy pieces abroad by Irish artists. Beautifully illustrated with vibrant new photography, the Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass is bursting with color and brimming with information about our most famous stained-glass artists, those who deserve to be better known, and the best contemporary artists working in the medium today.

With over 2,500 entries, two essays, and biographical notes on major artists, this is the key reference book for both academics and all who wish to learn more about Ireland's celebrated stained-glass and where it can be found.


The Preface and Introduction are available to view on the Irish Academic Press website here.


Author: David Caron

Format: Hardback

Size: 17 x 22.5 cm, 320 pages

Publisher: Irish Academic Press

ISBN: 9781788551298

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