A drawn portrait of an old man with a beard, George Bernard Shaw, from the shoulders up. The title in the bottom right corner is white letters.

George Bernard Shaw: A Biography

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George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) was a prolific dramatist, critic, essayist, pamphleteer and social reformer. The shy, idealistic Irishman separated himself from his opinionated public persona 'G.B.S'. His eccentric alter ego and his work were the vehicles for his social and political ideals.

His plays, such as Arms and the Man, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, Pygmalion and Saint Joan, his essays and letters, and his outspoken opinions, great wit and charisma made him a celebrity. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.

The Irish Writers series is a collection of biographies of the lives of some of the remarkable people who have given Ireland its rich cultural heritage.


Author: David Ross

Format: Paperback

Size: 10.3 x 14.7 cm, 208 pages

Publisher: The Mercier Press

ISBN: 9781781177747

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