A drawing of a pair of legs from the knees down frame the cover. They wear old fashioned shows and have tiny arrows and rope around them. The title in red takes up the centre of the page, with a small drawing of a ship with matching red sails at the top.


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Enjoy this modern retelling of a perennial favourite, with exciting new illustrations!

Gulliver’s Travels is a memorable classic that takes you into the amazing worlds travelled by Lemuel Gulliver. In Lilliput, he is a giant compared to the tiny people there, followed by the reverse in Brobdingnag, where Gulliver finds himself in a country of giants. Full of humour and adventure, these exciting stories have survived the centuries and are now retold and re-imagined with thrilling illustrations.


Author: Jonathan Swift, Mary Webb

Illustrator: Lauren O'Neill

Format: Hardback

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847176769

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