The white cover is split in two. In the top half is an intricately detailed illustration in jewel tones of people draped in sheer, flowing cloth. In the bottom half is the title in gold capital letters.

Harry Clarke and Artistic Visions of the New Irish State

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The work and career of the celebrated artist Harry Clarke is inextricably linked to the complex nature of early-twentieth-century Irish culture and of modernism. This beautifully designed and fully illustrated book assesses how Clarke and his studios responded to public and private commissions in glass and in illustration. Clarke’s contribution is analysed in the context of the quest for a cohesive identity by the new Irish Free State and situated within international art and design movements.

The book examines the complex relationship between visual art and literature that lies at the heart of Clarke’s contribution to post-independence society in Ireland. Its scholarly essays highlight the impact of patronage, public reception, advertising, propaganda, war and memory on Clarke’s work, placing it within a larger political, artistic and cultural context.

Essential reading for art lovers and scholars alike, Harry Clarke and Artistic Visions of the New Irish State will appeal to anyone interested in the arts of Ireland, and the history and development of early- to mid- twentieth-century visual and material culture.

A preview of the book is available to view on the Irish Academic Press website here.


Editor: Angela Griffith, Marguerite Helmers, Róisín Kennedy

Format: Paperback

Size: 19 x 24.1 cm, 372 pages

Publisher: Irish Academic Press

ISBN: 9781788550451

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