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It Rose Up

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I cannot remember my father or my mother; oh, wretched that I am!
Had I either?
My memory goes back three months – no further.
Every day, I live those three months
over and over again.

A mystical battle between foreign gods and local saints is unleashed as idols are mistaken for garden ornaments; an ambiguous wizard spies on his neighbours from an invisible tower; a cursed duelling pistol influences its owners to commit suicide.

Edited and introduced by Jack Fennell, this collection of lesser-known works of classic Irish fantasy – with strange combinations of occultism, electricity, magic and playfully Biblical archetypes – illuminate a side of Irish literary history that is often overlooked.


It Rose Up is the seventh book in Tramp Press’s Recovered Voice list.


Editor: Jack Fennell

Format: Paperback

Size: 13.8 x 21.6 cm, 280 pages

Publisher: Tramp Press

ISBN: 9781916291409

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