J.M.W. Turner The 'Skies' Sketchbook

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Turner drew and painted skies, clouds and weather all his life. As a boy he liked to go up to Hampstead Heath in North London, lie on his back to draw the sky, and return to town to sell his day's work. Later in life he made many coloured studies, often in Kent which he believed had the finest skies in Europe.


This beautiful edition reproduces Turner's 'Skies' sketchbook in facsimile. Besides many watercolour studies of sky effects, from sunlit cloudscapes to darkening skies and reddening sunsets, it also includes pencil sketches of London and the surrounding area. With an illustrated introduction by Turner expert David Blayney Brown which discusses the background and impact of these drawings, this gorgeous book illustrates Turner's exceptional attention to colour and light, but also reflects his friendships, activities and interests - most notably his fascination with the weather and changing climate.

His sketchbooks were private things which he kept to himself. They might live for some time in his coat pockets or travel bags, to be pulled out as the need arose. In the studio, they served as memory banks for future work.


Author: David Blayney Brown

Publisher: TATE Publishing

Size: 14.2 x 26.5 cm, 152 pages

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781849764902

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