A white cover with multiple black line drawings of a virus. Some are coloured gold. The black title is in the centre.

Microscopic Marvels

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This distinctive colouring book explores the beauty of microscopic life, from vaccines and viruses to protozoa and algae. Go on a journey of scientific discovery as your colours illuminate a hidden world beyond the limits of our own vision.

Bring to life the nucleocapsid protein of the Covid-19 virus, the overlapping frill of the delphinium peregrinum seed and the shell-like carapace of a water-flea as you discover the startling and unexpected beauty of life under the lens.

Containing over 60 detailed illustrations from the natural world, including a coronavirus vaccine on the cover and inside, this book is a calming celebration of small science.


Author & Illustrator: Jennifer Delaney

Foreword: Professor Luke O'Neill

Format: Paperback

Size: 25.1 x 25 cm, 96 pages

Publisher: Gill Books

ISBN: 9780717192786

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