Monet Colour by Dots

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Waterlilies floating in a pool, a river slowly winding through a valley, wave-battered cliffs, leaves blowing in the breeze, a field of poppies - these are just some of the famous examples where Monet captures the essence of a moment with each variation of colour.

Enjoy discovering the hidden masterpieces that reveal themselves as you add colour to these pages. Using pencils, crayons or felt-tip pens, immerse yourself in a world of colour and rediscover the joy of being creative as you follow in the footsteps of the master of impressionist painting.

The first part of the book recreates Monet’s paintings in black-and-white line drawings, each one accompanied by tiny delimited areas that include coloured dots. The challenge is for you to add the same colour to each area and watch in wonder as the beautiful landscapes and vistas begin to appear. The second half contains copies of the Monet paintings so you can compare your finished piece to the original, or take a sneak peak before you start.


Format: Paperback

Publisher: LOM Art

ISBN: 9781910552681

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