A detailed realistic drawing of a lion’s face takes up most of the cover. The title is across the top in white letters.

Rosa's Animals

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Painter and sculptor Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899) led a highly nontraditional life, especially for a woman in the nineteenth century. She kept lions as pets, was awarded the Legion of Honor by Empress Eugénie, and befriended “Buffalo Bill” Cody. She became a painter and was accepted into the Salon de Paris at a time when women were rarely educated as artists. Her unconventional artistic work habits, including visiting slaughterhouses to sketch an animal’s anatomy and wearing men’s clothing to gain access to places like a horse fair, where women were not allowed, helped her become one of the most beloved female painters of her time.

Along with her life story are a list of museums that house her work, a bibliography, and an index.


Author: Maryann MacDonald

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9781419728501