Soap Dish Aran

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Bring some contemporary design to your sink with our fabulous handcrafted soap dish. Its understated and contemporary finish works nicely in both bathrooms and kitchens.

The Aran soap dish features a simple but effective design that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and practical in how the grooves on both sides allow excess water to drain after use. This will help keep surfaces clean as well as adding a touch of style to your sink!

The Flow soap dish features a fantastic CNC grooves which curve along the top surface to effectively drain excess water from the soap after use.This not only helps to keep surfaces clean but it will prolong the life of your soap bar whilst adding a touch of style to your sink!

Made from sustainably sourced hardwood, the clean lines of the Soap Dish lasts extremely well. Pair with nourishing soaps to keep your hands clean and in tip-top condition.


Size: 110 x 75 x 20 mm

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