A red background covered in pink inter-tangled plants and fairytale related imagery including a crown, axe, frog and mirror. The title is in the centre in white capital letters.

Tangleweed and Brine

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Tangled tales of earth, salty tales of water

Bewitched retellings of thirteen classic fairy-tales with brave and resilient heroines. Tales of blood and intrigue, betrayal and enchantment from a leading Irish YA author - not for the faint-hearted or damsels in distress.

With 13 stunning black and white illustrations by new Irish illustrator Karen Vaughan.

Winner of the Book of the Year Award at the Children's Books Ireland Awards 2018.

Winner of Young Adult Book of the Year Award at the Irish Book Awards 2017.

Winner of the Irish Times Ticket Readers' Choice for Best Young Adult Fiction 2017.


Author: Deirdre Sullivan

Illustrator: Karen Vaughan

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Little Island Books

ISBN: 9781910411926

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