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Christine Dwyer Hickey's Tatty is a devastating yet hilarious depiction of a troubled Dublin family told in the vibrant, charismatic voice of the little girl lost within it.

With brutal honesty, Tatty tells the story of her beloved but feckless dad, her tormented mam and her five siblings, including her sister with special needs. As she grows up, Tatty becomes ever more aware of the strange reality of her home life, and the damage wrought by alcohol on her family.

First published in 2004, Tatty became a bestseller and is a modern Irish masterpiece that is tragic, funny and utterly unsentimental.

Tatty has been chosen for Dublin: One City, One Book 2020. For full details on events planned across the city please visit the official website.


Author: Christine Dwyer Hickey

Format: Paperback

Publisher: New Island Books

ISBN: 9781848407619

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