A flat illustration of fields with different animals around the edges including a horse, cow, pig and sheep. The title is over top this, taking up the centre in large, white capital letters.

The Great Irish Farm Book

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Everything your child needs to know about Irish farms!

Did you know that there are almost 2,000,000 pigs in Ireland?

And that sheep have rectangular pupils, which means they have amazing vision?

Would you believe only 10 per cent of the milk produced in Ireland is consumed here?

And that hens are pregnant for 21 days, but a horse can be pregnant for up to 345 days?

How about the fact that despite our love of spuds, grass is Ireland’s top crop, covering 3,700,000 hectares, while potatoes cover only 9,000 hectares?

From the farmer’s day to the changing of the seasons, from animals and crops to machinery and technology, and from ancient times to the modern day, The Great Irish Farm Book will take you on a fascinating journey through life on an Irish farm.


Irish Book Awards: Specsavers Children’s Book of the Year (Junior) 2020 - Winner

Author: Darragh McCullough

Illustrator: Sally Caulwell

Format: Hardback

Size: 28 x 37.5 cm, 96 pages

Publisher: Gill Books

ISBN: 9780717188963

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