A simple cartoon illustration of two girls walking a path. There are different animals peaking from the sides including, giraffes, bats and a monkey. The whole cover is in white, blue and orange. The title is at the top in blue, block capitals.

We're Going to the Zoo

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Kitty’s excited to be going to the zoo. Her big sister Clara thinks it will be boring! But when they get there, there’s so much going on! They get soaked by an elephant, see a funny monkey fill his cheeks with food and find out what bats use for a blanket.

But whose pictures of the animals are best, Kitty’s drawings or Clara’s photos?

Follow the sisters around Dublin Zoo and meet the cheeky giraffe, the swimming tiger and lots, lots more.

An engaging and entertaining tale of the sister relationship and the struggle between nature and technology, this story brings a visit to the zoo, one of the childhood favourite experiences, to life with amusing, quirky, and delightful illustrations.


Author & Illustrator: Sarah Bowie

Format: Hardback

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847179494

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