A painting of a semi-nude woman wearing gold and black with large matching wings. A mirror in the background shows a different woman from behind with a long gold flecked black dress. The title is in the bottom right in thin white letters.

Andrew Folan - Profile 17

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Andrew Folan belongs to an important generation of artists, born in the mid-fifties, who began to eschew the nationalist self-absorption that was the preoccupation of many of their predecessors.

His very individualistic style has matured and developed to the extent that he is one of the most exciting print makers in the country today. In his essay 'Under the Surface', Paul O'Brien expertly negotiates his way through Folan's rich and complex series of works, explaining how Folan operates between rigorous conceptualism and reflection on the process of art-making on the one hand, and more personal psychological delving on the other.

He introduces us to Folan's early influences, to his use of themes of voyeurism and surveillance, the unconscious, surrealism, Folan's fascination with the Gothic, the biographical content of certain works and his interest in psychology.

Folan talks about his early use of photography and his return to print-making, his development towards three-dimensional work and his subsequent transition into using digital media, which provided a new dimension to the creative process.

Part of the Profile series from Gandon Editions on contemporary Irish artists.


Author: Paul O'Brien, Patrick T. Murphy

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780946641918