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This superbly Illustrated catalogue accompanies the international exhibition which visits the National Gallery in 2018
text_tax €47.00
The National Gallery of Ireland's ever-popular diary for 2018.
text_tax €16.22
Newly revised edition of the National Gallery Guidebook featuring a range of pieces from the permanent collection.
text_tax €20.00
An overview of the history of art in Ireland through focusing on 50 of the most popular and inique works.
text_tax €19.95
A study of Caravaggio and his followers, published to coincide with 2017 Beyond Caravaggio exhibition in the Gallery.
text_tax €25.00
A book of short stories and poems by Irish writers each inspired by a piece in the National Gallery collection.
text_tax €24.95
A whimsical and challenging Wentworth jigsaw featuring Vermeer's, Woman Holding a Balance from the Gallery's 2017 exhibition.
text_tax €21.91
A high quality digital reproduction of Vermeer's Lacemaker
text_tax €12.20