The bottom half of the cover is a drawing of a landscape with a river and a blue cloudy sky. Above is a blue band with the title written in thin, white letters. Across the top are pastel sticks in different colours.

The Pastel Artists Bible

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Claire Waite Brown provides all the key techniques such as mixing, blending, scumbling, graffito, hatching, and feathering in over 100 visual sequences.

There is advice on composing your painting, using colour, adding highlights and shadows and creating textured effects. The step-by-step demonstrations range from landscapes and flowers to portraits and still life. You'll find plenty to inspire you with this captivating medium with beautiful examples in full-colour photography.


Author: Claire Waite Brown

Format: Paperback

Size: 17.8 x 23.4 cm, 192 pages

Publisher: Search Press

ISBN: 9781782213949

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