The bottom half of the cover is a realistic painting of a bike leaning on a yellow wall. Above is an orange band with the title written in thin, white letters. Across the top is paint splattered paper and used paint brushes.

The Acrylic Artists Bible

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The complete manual for acrylic painting. Marylin Scott provides over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing how to tackle tricky subjects, accompanied by full-colour photography.

Even though, acrylic is used by many well-known professional artists, it is rather less popular with amateurs. This is surprising, because acrylic is not only the most versatile of all the painting media, but is also highly forgiving. You can paint out mistakes as you work, even making major changes to the colour scheme and composition. Each new painting can become a springboard for ideas and the range of different effects is vast.

  • Complete information on materials and techniques, with full-colour photographs and step-by-step demonstrations

  • Over 100 visual sequences give advice on how to paint tricky subjects, from skies and water to faces and figures

  • Includes advice on presentation and composition


Author: Marylin Scott

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781782213956

Publisher: Search Press

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