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Two Irish Girls in Bohemia

Two Irish Girls in Bohemia

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The Irish artist and writer Edith Somerville said that she ‘was taught in Paris that it was the first impression that mattered – paint rapidly so as to keep it fresh’.

Two Irish Girls in Bohemia captures those initial impressions in its study of Somerville’s sketchbooks from 1880 up until World War I. It shows how visual art became central in fiction about Ireland that Somerville co-authored with her cousin Martin Ross (Violet Martin).

These ladies of the Big House travelled back and forth from Ireland to continental Europe throughout the belle époque. The sketchbooks and other ephemeral material – such as first drafts of Somerville and Ross’s great realist novel, The Real Charlotte (1894), correspondence, children’s books and cartoon strips – bring to life the risks and delights that women artist/writers faced. With little money but plenty of friends, Somerville and Ross managed to establish a writing partnership that produced a range of comic works bringing together picture and text.

This book is about the struggle to create art. It shows the Anglo-Irish network that supported, but also constrained, the young women writers. It describes reactions to a modernising world, whether it is introducing the bicycle to Connemara or impressionist ideas to the developing Irish short story. And it reveals the extent to which Somerville and Ross responded to the art and literature of the day, especially Irish writers like Oscar Wilde, Lady Gregory, W.B. Yeats and George Moore.


Author: Julie Anne Stevens

Format: Paperback

Size: 16.5 x 23.9 cm, 268 pages

Publisher: Somerville Press

ISBN: 9780995523944

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