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Be Inspired!: Young Irish People Changing the World

Be Inspired!: Young Irish People Changing the World

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Meet the inspiring young Irish people taking on the world!

Follow beach-cleaner FLOSSIE DONNELLY on her quest to save the oceans, and join ADAM KING in changing the world one hug at a time. Hit the track with star athlete RHASIDAT ADELEKE, and swim to victory with Paralympian RÓISÍN NÍ RÍAIN. Tune into RTE to catch award-winning journalist ZAINAB BOLADALE, explore the wonders of nature with writer DARA MacANULTY and restore our planet’s biodiversity with beekeepers ELIZABETH BYRNE & RIAN SOMERS. From activism to sport, the creative arts to science and innovation, discover the amazing young people who are making a waves.

It’s never too early to achieve your dreams – why not start today?

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