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Bridges of Dublin

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Dublin's first bridge was built by the city's founders, the Vikings. It was a simple timber structure. As the city developed over the centuries, more bridges were built, increasing in sophistication. The first stone bridge was built by the Normans. There was still only one bridge by 1610. However, as the medieval city expanded to the north side more were built, particularly in the great period of Dublin expansion by the 1st Duke of Ormonde. The number continued to grow during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Modern bridges, embracing the new materials of steel and conrete were built in the recent centuries.

Dublin today is fortunate to have a rich and outstanding collection of bridges that range from the historic stone of the oldest, the Mellows Bridge of 1768, to the Aeolian elegances of the Samuel Beckett Bridge of 2009 and the cities newest, the Rosie Hackett Bridge of 2014.

This book presents the story of the 24 bridges that span the Liffey, from Lucan to the sea, within Dublin city and county. It shows how the history of the bridges is intertwined with that of the river and that city. Using striking striking photographs and illustrations, the story of each bridge is explored in a comprehensive way. It includes a full set of maps and suggested walking tours. An essential book for those who wish to explore this fascinating part of the heritage and history of Dublin and its great river.

Author: Annette Black, Michael B. Barry

Format: Paperback

Size: 19.5 x 25.4 cm, 260 pages

Publisher: Dublin Corporation Public Libraries

ISBN: 9781907002212

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