Cúpla Focal (Irish Language Sticker Set)

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Irish artist Martha Hegarty has compiled some of her favourite Irish words and phrases and their meanings for you to stick on your phone or preserve in your secret diary.

There's so much richness and humour in Irish that it was hard to keep it to just 12 stickers, and each set comes with a pronunciation and translation guide so you really get your cúpla focal (few words).

Did you know the word for Jellyfish translates literally as Seal's Snots? Or the word for a purring cat also means someone who enjoys organising and implementing pranks?

The A5 sheet has 12 stickers that are:

  • Recyclable and made from responsibly sourced papers
  • Waterproof
  • 100% PVC free

Designer: Martha Hegarty

Size: A5

Brand: Mink

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