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Dance Move

Dance Move

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Meet Mrs Dallesandro, luxuriating in a Belfast tanning salon on her wedding anniversary, dreaming of a teenage sexual encounter. Or Max, recalling an eventful car journey to a Christian film festival. Meet Drew Lord Haig, hired to perform an obscure song from his youth at a paramilitary group's centenary celebrations. And Sonya, who is desperately scouring the city's streets for the missing posters of her lost son.

In Dance Move, Wendy Erskine's brilliant new collection of short stories, we meet characters who are looking to wrest control of their lives, only to find themselves defined by moments in their past that have marked them.

In these stories - as in real life - the funny, the tender and the devastating go hand in hand. Full of warmth, the familiar and the strange, they are about what it means to live in the world, how far we can end up from where we came from, and what it means to look back.

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