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PS ... of course: Patrick Swift 1927-1983

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This book is the definitive study of the work of Patrick Swift. A man of extraordinary intellect, vivacity and wit, he was preoccupied with truth, art and literature. He found a comfortable niche among the literary set in Dublin, and was close friends with Patrick Kavanagh and Anthony Cronin. During his years in London, where he lived before finally settling in the Algarve, he associated with the poets and painters of Soho, including Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, George Barker and David Wright, but he shunned the limelight and never courted publicity.

This richly illustrated book is a thoroughly researched biography of the artist, which includes selected essays by Swift himself, and a large anthology of writings by his contemporaries.


Editor: Veronica Jane O'Mara

Format: Hardback

Size: 274 pages

Publisher: Gandon Editions

ISBN: 9780946641376

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